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Commemorate your pet with a poetic tribute in Latin.

Image by Andy Holmes


Image by Jack Brind


Animal brown horse






Image by Shereena Cook


When you have lost a beloved pet, there is nothing more comforting than thinking about the cherished moments of their life, keeping them forever remembered and forever loved. Pet Memorials provides grieving pet owners with the consolation of a dignified and personalized memorial for your lost companion. I will craft a Latin elegiac piece describing the individual characteristics of your special pet. Carefully printed and framed, this unique memorial can be displayed as a permanent reminder of your beloved animal companion, with a translation provided to be sure all the shades of meaning come across.

Why Latin? So many moving elegies expressing love and mourning have been written by Classical poets, keeping the memory of those they wrote about fresh across the centuries. An original Latin tribute gives weight and dignity to a brief life, emphasizing the value and importance of the pet in their owner’s eyes.

The basic cost for an eight-line personalized Latin tribute, printed on quality paper and framed, is $65 plus mailing costs. You also have the option of ordering just the printed tribute and translation unframed for $45.00 if you prefer to  provide your own frame. 

To commission an individual poetic tribute for a beloved pet, click the 'Commemorate Your Pet' button below to provide the necessary information.









Some Sample Tributes



Latte was a brown and white guinea pig

She was the sister of Sammi

She was loved by Fiona and her family

On the ground she was fearful, being prey; in her mistress’s lap she was comforting

She was soft, gentle, and warm

She used to squeak, scurry, and snuggle

On Persephone’s lap may she forever eat blueberries

Reader, do not despise the little ones, for they too have souls

In Memory of Latte 

Please note that if you choose a double frame, one side will be left empty so that you can insert a favorite photo there.


In Praise of Aerie Born April 29,2008

Aerie is a tan dog, part pug, part schnauzer.

She is a friend of Rascal.

She is loved by Jessica, Avryl, Craig, Judi

She is similar to a small horse, with large brown eyes

She begs for food, she trembles at strangers, she obeys her masters

She likes to play ball, walk far, and chase prey

Her fur, having been shed widely like rain, will remain for a long time 

Now she sings, barking, for birthdays; someday she will bark with singing angels



In Memory of Chelsea


    Chelsea was a cat, large and striped

She was loved by Janey, Michael, Leigh, and their family

She was the replacement sister when Leigh went to college

She was fluffy, beautiful in face, large in haunches

She pounced, she filed, she traveled widely

Sitting on the refrigerator, she would smack faces

Now in heaven may she finally catch a bird

It is good to be fierce when young, gentle in old age

Any questions?

Thank you!

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